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Steps in the Agrobacterium mediated transformation of citrus suspension cells with a construct containing the VvmybA1 gene driven by the Dc3 embryo-specific promoter.

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posted on 02.01.2018, 18:57 by Manjul Dutt, Flavia T. Zambon, Lígia Erpen, Leonardo Soriano, Jude Grosser

A) Citrus cell suspension cultures on EME-M medium at the beginning of embryonic development; B) Anthocyanin producing transgenic somatic embryos after 60 days in EME-M medium; C) Anthocyanin expression in transgenic (purple) embryos with non-transgenic (green) embryos; D) Anthocyanin free cotyledon development in transgenic embryos (top) and non-transgenic embryos at similar stage of development (bottom); E) Transgenic embryos germinating in the plant regeneration medium (B+ medium); F) A normal regenerated transgenic plant without any visual purple coloration (no VvmybA1 gene expression) micro grafted on Carrizo rootstock.