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Statistics of locations in tracks.

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posted on 15.12.2021, 18:24 by William S. D. Wilcock, Rose S. Hilmo

Characteristic of the locations within tracks obtained by first assigning detections to locations within tracks using one localization method and then using the other method to obtain the final locations. These plots are for a minimum probability of master detections and all detections of 0.9 and 0.2, respectively but the plots have similar characteristics for tracks obtained with all the choices of minimum probabilities listed in Table 3. (a) Histogram of the travel time misfits normalized to the assumed uncertainties (Table 1) for master detections (dark shading) and all detections (light shading) for locations in tracks with ≥ 20 locations with the final locations obtained using localization method 1 (Eq 3). A solid line shows a Gaussian distribution fit to the histogram which has a standard deviation of 0.96. (b) As for (a) except the final locations are obtained with localization method 2 (Eq 6). The Gaussian distribution fit to the histogram has a standard deviation of 1.35. (c) Histogram of the smallest horizontal 1-σ location error for all tracked locations (light shading) and tracks with ≥20 locations (dark shading) for final locations obtained with localization method 1. (d) As for (c) but for the largest horizontal location error.