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Statistics and coverage of experimentally-determined DENV T cell epitopes.

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posted on 2020-09-21, 17:42 authored by Syed Faraz Ahmed, Ahmed A. Quadeer, John P. Barton, Matthew R. McKay

(A) Number of DENV epitopes derived from different proteins across the serotypes, from the ViPR database [42]. (B) Procedure for the exact mapping of an epitope to a protein sequence. Epitopes were mapped onto the sequence only when all epitope residues exactly matched with the protein residues, i.e. no residue mismatches were allowed. (C) Coverage of T cell epitopes across DENV proteins. The locations of epitopes were determined by mapping them onto all DENV1 sequences. Similar patterns of epitope coverage were observed for most proteins when the epitopes were mapped onto sequences of DENV2/3/4 (see S1 Fig).