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Specific recruitment of soil bacteria and fungi decomposers following a biostimulant application increased crop residues mineralization - Fig 3

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posted on 31.12.2018, 18:51 by Eve Hellequin, Cécile Monard, Achim Quaiser, Morgane Henriot, Olivier Klarzynski, Françoise Binet

a and c) Powered partial least squares discriminant analysis (PPLS-DA) describing the bacterial and fungal community structures at the OTU level. The three soil treatments (CS, SS, SBS) exhibited significant different compositions in terms of their bacterial and fungal communities. The CS groups represent the soil control samples, the SS groups correspond to the soil with straw samples and the SBS groups represent the soil with straw and BS. b and d) Ternary plots describing the distribution of the bacterial and fungal OTUs between the soil treatments (grey circles) showing the enriched (green circles) and depleted (red circles) OTUs after the BS amendment. This analysis was performed on the relative abundances for the bacteria and fungi matrices. Each circle depicts one individual OTU. The size of the circle reflects the relative abundance (RA) of the OTU. The position of each circle is determined by the contribution of the indicated compartments to the RA. An extract from S2 and S3 Tables is presented which shows the RA and affiliation of some of the most abundant enriched OTUs.