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Spatial field configuration (SFC) in the probe session of continuous T-maze.

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posted on 12.09.2017, 17:25 by Omar Mamad, Lars Stumpp, Harold M. McNamara, Charu Ramakrishnan, Karl Deisseroth, Richard B. Reilly, Marian Tsanov

(A) Five sample place cells recorded from the reward loop of the training sessions (reward loop cells) from a representative animal. Upper panels show the animal trajectory with spikes, marked with colored dots (above) and their color-coded firing rate map (below) from the last training session. Lower panels show the animal trajectory with spikes (above) and their place fields’ color-coded firing rate maps (below) from the probe session. The straight red line denotes the direction (in degrees) of the SFC between the southwest (SW) corner at 0° and the northeast (NE) corner at 90°, with midline at 45° (represented at the dashed inset below). (B) Two sample place cells that were absent from the reward loop of the training sessions from the same animal (nonreward loop cells). (C) SFC values from the preference and nonpreference groups are reported for the reward loop cells. Two-tailed independent t test, n = 90 cells (preference group), n = 89 cells (nonpreference group), t(177) = 5.189, ***p < 0.001; for (D), the nonreward loop cells, n = 33 and n = 30, respectively, t(61) = −2.112, *p = 0.039; and (E) for all cells, n = 123 and n = 119, respectively, t(240) = 3.210, **p = 0.001. Error bars, mean ± SEM. (F) Sample spike clusters during training session (left) and probe (right). The appearance of spike cluster (blue) of a nonreward loop cell is denoted with a black asterisk. (G) Waveform of a sample reward loop place cell recorded from the last training session (above) and the probe (below). The solid line shows the average waveform shape; the dashed lines show the 1-SD confidence intervals. Files dataset is available at Figshare public repository in Tsanov 2016 data / Continuous T-maze folder https://figshare.com/s/b86a9a111353ba04bd32 and Tsanov 2017 data / Continuous T-maze CA1 folder https://figshare.com/s/5c5ba9b2811f3d7b7696.