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Simulation of rotations and translations of a monomer (M2) with respect to its neighbor (M1) in an assembly.

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posted on 2019-04-29, 17:37 authored by Angel Mozo-Villarías, Enrique Querol

The monomers have hydrophobic moment vectors H1 and H2. x, y and z labels denote the three axis of rotation. The distance vector between H1 and H2 defines the x–axis. Vector H2 rotation around this axis is visualized in the pale blue ellipses. The y–axis is defined by the perpendicular formed by the x–axis and the original vector H2. Rotation of H2 around this axis is viewed in the reddish ellipses. The z–axis is defined by the perpendicular direction to both x–axis and y–axis, viewed in the greenish ellipses. The same criteria are used to define the electric dipole moments rotations. Three translations are defined. In translation 1, monomers are positioned parallel side-by-side. Translation 2, monomers are positioned parallel one on top of the other. Translation 3, monomers are positioned in a combination of the former two.