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Siglec-1 colocalizes with p24 in VCCs of HIV-1-infected MDMs.

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posted on 27.01.2017, 04:30 by Jason E. Hammonds, Neal Beeman, Lingmei Ding, Sarah Takushi, Ashwanth C. Francis, Jaang-Jiun Wang, Gregory B. Melikyan, Paul Spearman

(A) MDMs were infected with a biological stock of HIV-1 BaL at a TCID50 of 0.5/cell. 10 days post-infection cells were fixed and immunolabeled for HIV-1 p24 (green), CD9 (red), tetherin (magenta) and DAPI co-stained. (B) Same immunostaining profile as (A) with the exception of Siglec-1 (red) in place of CD9. Size bar = 10 μm. (C) MDMs were infected with VSV-G pseudotyped NL4.3 and NLUdel (D) at a TCID50 of 2.0/cell. 10 days post-infection cells were fixed and immunostained as described in (B). All size bars = 10 μm. Representative maximum intensity deconvolved images shown.