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Short treatment with antalarmin alters adrenal gland receptors in the rat model of endometriosis - Fig 4

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posted on 14.01.2020, 18:29 authored by Annelyn Torres-Reverón, Maahrose Rana, Varesh Gorabi, Leslie L. Rivera-Lopez, Caroline B. Appleyard

mRNA quantification of the mineralocorticoid receptor (MCR2; A), glucocorticoid receptor (GR; B). Ratio of glucocorticoid to mineralocorticoid receptors mRNA expression within the adrenals (C). mRNA quantification of the corticotrophin releasing hormone receptor type 1 (CRHR1; D) and type 2 (CRHR2; E). Ratio of CRHR1 to CRHR2 mRNA expression within the adrenals (F) * represents p< 0.05 on an ANOVA test. Dotted line represents a perfect ratio of 1:1 between receptors expression.