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Shb-overexpression affects the phosphorylation of c-Abl in PC3 cells

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posted on 2011-12-30, 18:56 authored by Padideh Davoodpour, Maréne Landström, Michael Welsh

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Taken from "Reduced tumor growth in vivo and increased c-Abl activity in PC3 prostate cancer cells overexpressing the Shb adapter protein"

BMC Cancer 2007;7():161-161.

Published online 15 Aug 2007


Control and Shb-overexpressing PC3 cells (clone 14) were plated at equal numbers and 36 hours later treated with 10 μM of 2-ME for indicated time periods, after which all cells were lysed in SDS-sample buffer. A: Western blot analysis. The blot was probed for pY245-c-Abl and total c-Abl. The blot was also probed for beta-actin and total ERK to assess loading. B: pY-c-Abl over total c-Abl was determined by densitometry and given in arbitrary units. Means ± SEM for 4–6 separate experiments utilizing two control and five Shb-overexpressing clones are shown. * indicates p < 0.05 when compared with the PC3-Shb zero time point using a Students' t-test.


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