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Shared and unique Plasmodium vivax multilocus genotypes within cluster #9 from Reserva Porto Dias, Acrelândia, Brazil, during four rounds of reactive case detection (days 0, 30, 60, and 180).

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posted on 12.12.2016, 18:30 by Pablo S. Fontoura, Bruna F. Finco, Nathália F. Lima, Jaques F. de Carvalho Jr., Joseph M. Vinetz, Márcia C. Castro, Marcelo U. Ferreira

The index, neighbor, and control HHs are shown in red, orange, and black, respectively; predominant or only genotypes were identified with numerals; the one recovered from the index case was underlined. Genotype #37 (circled) was recovered from four parasite samples, while genotype #75 was shared by an index HH member and a control HH member outside the cluster.