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Sexual reproduction phenotypes of calcineurin target mutants.

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posted on 2016-09-09, 04:30 authored by Hee-Soo Park, Eve W. L. Chow, Ci Fu, Erik J. Soderblom, M. Arthur Moseley, Joseph Heitman, Maria E. Cardenas

(A) Sexual reproduction assays for calcineurin target mutants were conducted. The WT (H99, KN99), and the cna1Δ (HP242, HP243), crz1Δ (HP235, HP239), lhp1Δ (HP22, HP258), pbp1Δ (HP6, HP246), puf4Δ (HP17, HP254), vts1Δ (HP24, HP261), anb1Δ (HP36, HP263), tif3Δ (HP9, HP250), gcd2Δ (HP28, HP264), and gwo1Δ (HP1, HP266) mutant strains were co-cultured with the opposite mating type strain on MS media and incubated at room temperature in the dark for 7 days. Several calcineurin targets including LHP1, PUF4, and TIF3 are required for proper sexual reproduction. Results shown are representative of two independent experimental replicates. (B) Pheromone gene (MFα1) expression was analyzed in WT, cna1Δ, and the indicated calcineurin target mutants mating crosses following incubation in V8 media at room temperature for 24 hrs as described in the legend to Fig 3C. The results shown are the mean of three independent determinations with standard deviation as error bars.