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Sex and SFB interactions influence incidence and severity of CRC.

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posted on 2020-07-24, 17:40 authored by Annie E. Wolfe, Jacob E. Moskowitz, Craig L. Franklin, Timothy L. Wiemken, Aaron C. Ericsson

A) CRC incidence of SFB- and SFB+ male and female Helicobacter spp.-inoculated Smad3-/- mice. Fisher’s Exact Tests within SFB- and SFB+ category (to narrow down an overall chi square test p = 0.0226) revealed significant differences in incidence of CRC between males and females in SFB+ group (p = 0.01) but not within the SFB- group (p = 0.16). B) Overall Disease Scores C) Tumor Scores, and D) Inflammation Scores of male and female mice within the SFB- and SFB+ categories, analyzed via Two-Way ANOVA (post hoc Holm-Sidak). Significance and corresponding p values indicated by red lines between different groups. N values for each group indicated in panel A.