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Sex-specific amplification of alternative transcripts from nine genes that showed significant sex by probe interaction in the microarray data (, , , , , , , , ; see Table 3)

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posted on 31.12.2011, 03:21 by Lauren M McIntyre, Lisa M Bono, Anne Genissel, Rick Westerman, Damion Junk, Marina Telonis-Scott, Larry Harshman, Marta L Wayne, Artyom Kopp, Sergey V Nuzhdin

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Taken from "Sex-specific expression of alternative transcripts in "

Genome Biology 2006;7(8):R79-R79.

Published online 25 Aug 2006


The graph shows the average CTs for each exon junction in males and females of the line. CT values were calculated by performing qPCR with SYBRGreen I dye chemistry on three bioreplicates consisting of four virgin males and females, and correspond to the number of cycles when the fluorescence intensity was significantly above background during the exponential phase of amplification; dark blue, male transcript 1; light blue, male transcript 2; green, male transcript 3; red, female transcript 1; pink, female transcript 2; orange, female transcript 3.