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50 year-old man with adenovirus type 55 pneumonia.

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posted on 2016-03-11, 00:59 authored by Dingyu Tan, Huadong Zhu, Yangyang Fu, Fei Tong, Dongqi Yao, Joseph Walline, Jun Xu, Xuezhong Yu

(A), Initial CT scan obtained at the level of tracheal bifurcation on day 5 after the onset of illness shows focal consolidation in the left lower lung. (B), Rapid progression of consolidations in both lung zones with emerging patchy ground-glass opacities by day 8 after onset. (C), Consolidations in both lungs have obviously decreased on day 16 after onset, with residual patchy ground-glass opacities. (D), Parenchymal abnormalities have further decreased in both lungs by day 21 after onset with residual consolidation in the left lower lobe.