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Setup and equipment for zebrafish embryo irradiation at horizontal beams.

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posted on 2018-11-08, 18:53 authored by Emília Rita Szabó, Michael Brand, Stefan Hans, Katalin Hideghéty, Leonhard Karsch, Elisabeth Lessmann, Jörg Pawelke, Michael Schürer, Elke Beyreuther

(A) ABS stamp and (B) exemplary sample holder for the capped Markus IC (left) and one 96 well plate covered by a stamp plate (right) with the inner 48 wells filled with embryo medium. (C) Water phantom insert with holder and Markus IC at mid-SOBP position (*2). The second, empty holder is fixed by PMMA spacers (arrow) at entrance plateau (*1) position. (D) The complete water filled phantom at the horizontal proton beam (coming from left and marked by the horizontal laser line in light blue) with holder (dark blue) including Markus IC in upright position at mid-SOBP.