Serial changes in right ventricular ejection fraction and end-diastolic volume index during septic shock in humans

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Taken from "Clinical review: Myocardial depression in sepsis and septic shock"

Critical Care 2002;6(6):500-508.

Published online 12 Sep 2002


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Mean initial and final right ventricular ejection fractions for survivors (closed circles, < 0.001) and nonsurvivors (open circles, < 0.001). Mean initial and final right ventricular end-diastolic volume index for survivors (closed circles, < 0.05) and nonsurvivors (open circles, = not significant). The right ventricle, similar to the left ventricle, undergoes dilation with a drop in ejection fraction with the acute onset of septic shock. In 7–10 days, right ventricular dilation and decreased ejection fraction revert to normal in survivors. Data from []; adapted with permission [].