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Sequence elements within the 3’UTRs of trypanosomatid mRNAs associated with RBP23 and DRBD2.

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posted on 2021-10-27, 17:39 authored by Ludmila A. Assis, Moezio V. C. Santos Filho, Joao R. da Cruz Silva, Maria J. R. Bezerra, Irassandra R. P. U. C. de Aquino, Kleison C. Merlo, Fabiola B. Holetz, Christian M. Probst, Antonio M. Rezende, Barbara Papadopoulou, Tamara D. C. da Costa Lima, Osvaldo P. de Melo Neto

(A) Comparison of RBP23 (blue) and DRBD2 (orange) 5’ (▼) and 3’ (▲) UTRs, CDS (■) and total transcript lengths (●) according to L. donovani orthologous sequences [48]. The mean values are represented by black lines and the RBP23 transcript is indicated by the same symbols coloured in black. (B) Putative motifs found within 3’UTRs from the top 20 mRNAs associated to either HA-tagged RBP23 or DRBD2 in L. infantum and L. donovani. The motifs found in searches with mRNAs enriched with the HA-tagged RBP23, including the RBP23 transcript as well as the top 19 mRNAs encoding ribosomal proteins, are shown on the left. Those motifs found for the top 20 mRNAs associated to HA-tagged DRBD2 are shown on the right. All logos were generated by MEME (Multiple Em for Motif Elicitation) and the relative height of each nucleotide represents the conservation at that specific position. The e-values are in the right corner of each logo.