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Semi-quantification of selected proteins involved in processes that were affected by BRSV-infection.

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posted on 16.10.2017, 17:38 authored by Sara Hägglund, Krister Blodörn, Katarina Näslund, Karin Vargmar, Sara Bergström Lind, Jia Mi, Mariluz Araínga, Sabine Riffault, Geraldine Taylor, John Pringle, Jean François Valarcher

Proteins were detected in bronchoalveolar lavage from non-vaccinated, BRSV-infected calves with clinical signs of disease and high levels of virus shedding (black bars) and/or in BRSV-ISCOM-vaccinated, BRSV-infected calves with no or little clinical signs of disease and no or low levels of virus shedding (a, experiment I, grey bars), and/or non-vaccinated, non-infected calves (b, experiment II, grey bars). Proteins were identified by LC-MS/MS and semi-quantified by label-free analysis. Statistically significant differences are indicated by asterisks; p≤0.05(*); p≤0.01 (**); p≤0.001 (***). Proteins were selected based on being related to neutrophil activation and chemotaxis or detoxification of reactive oxygen species: biological processes identified by protein pathway analysis.