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Segmentation of the retinal layers.

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posted on 2018-04-19, 17:45 authored by Pilar Cifuentes-Canorea, Jorge Ruiz-Medrano, Rosa Gutierrez-Bonet, Pablo Peña-Garcia, Federico Saenz-Frances, Julian Garcia-Feijoo, Jose Maria Martinez-de-la-Casa

Single horizontal foveal scans were automatically performed using new prototype software for the Heidelberg's Spectralis OCT Spectralis. Inner limiting membrane (ILM), retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL), ganglion cell layer (GCL), inner plexiform layer (IPL), inner nuclear layer (INL), outer plexiform layer (OPL), outer nuclear layer (ONL), external limiting membrane (ELM), photoreceptor layer (PRC) and retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), Bruch’s membrane (BM).