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Seasonal patterns in daily pollen availability for individual Edinburgh meadows sown with A. perennial, B. annual A1, and C. annual A2 treatments.

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posted on 2016-06-24, 19:14 authored by Damien M. Hicks, Pierre Ouvrard, Katherine C. R. Baldock, Mathilde Baude, Mark A. Goddard, William E. Kunin, Nadine Mitschunas, Jane Memmott, Helen Morse, Maria Nikolitsi, Lynne M. Osgathorpe, Simon G. Potts, Kirsty M. Robertson, Anna V. Scott, Frazer Sinclair, Duncan B. Westbury, Graham N. Stone

Data were sampled at three-week intervals through 2013. Values each time point are means based on 20x 1m2 quadrats, with dark shading showing 95% confidence limits.