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Scleral Cross-Linking Using Riboflavin UVA Irradiation for the Prevention of Myopia Progression in a Guinea Pig Model: Blocked Axial Extension and Altered Scleral Microstructure - Fig 9

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posted on 09.11.2016, 17:49 by Shuai Liu, Shengjie Li, Bingjie Wang, Xiao Lin, Yi Wu, Hong Liu, Xiaomei Qu, Jinhui Dai, Xingtao Zhou, Hao Zhou

Light microscopy photographs illustrating scleras in the control group (A), CL group (B), and NCL group (C). (Haematoxylin and Eosin). Sections taken from the nasal side of the globe. The scale is presented in the figure. Collagenous tissue of the scleras in A were similar in appearance to B. Collagenous tissue of scleras in C were more loose and thinner in comparison to B.