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Schematic summary of the location and projection direction of labelled MNTB principal cells.

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posted on 2016-08-04, 11:21 authored by Anna Dondzillo, John A. Thompson, Achim Klug

A: The two coronal sections of the gerbil MNTB labeled with Nissl, representing the near to rostral and near to caudal end of the MNTB (rostral at– 4.9 mm, caudal at– 5.5 mm relative to Bregma). B: Location of origin and projection directions of all labeled neurons in which the total neurite length was at least 60 μm, shown in the form of arrows in each rostro-caudal section of the MNTB (red outlines top to bottom represent caudal to rostral). The arrows point in the direction of travel of the longest neurite originating from each labeled neuron, and the arrow origin indicates the approximate location of the labeled neuron in the medio-lateral axis of the MNTB normalized to the midline on the right (dashed line). Red arrows indicate neurons that have axons with returning collaterals within the MNTB. Represented are the 16 cases found in coronal preparations out of the total of 17 cases. One additional case (Fig 5G) found in a horizontal section is not shown here.