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Schematic representation of the effect of macrophage depletion during DDC diet administration.

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posted on 12.09.2016, 17:36 by Jan Best, Stefaan Verhulst, Wing-Kin Syn, Kimberly Lagaisse, Noemi van Hul, Femke Heindryckx, Jan-Peter Sowa, Liesbeth Peeters, Hans Van Vlierberghe, Isabelle A. Leclercq, Ali Canbay, Laurent Dollé, Leo A. van Grunsven

DDC diet promotes a ductular reaction (DR) budding from resident bile ducts (rBD) chaperoned by laminin rich matrix. In PBSLipo co-treated mice (from day 7 onwards), a DR type II can be observed with CK19+ cells either forming amorphous bile ducts, clusters with pseudoluminae or rosettes, sprouting into the lobule. CLOLipo co-treatment (from day 7 onwards) preserves a type I DR, comprising confined ductular proliferates in proximity to the portal vein (PV). The newly budding CK19+ cells create more differentiated, bile ductular structures with regular concentric luminae.