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Schematic representation of dmrt1 gene in the genome of Solea senegalensis.

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posted on 02.11.2020, 18:30 authored by Ismael Cross, Emilio García, María E. Rodríguez, Alberto Arias-Pérez, Silvia Portela-Bens, Manuel A. Merlo, Laureana Rebordinos

The gene is 31,4 kb long. It shows seven exons (with EII and EIII duplicated as EII’ and EIII’, EI’Δ is a partial and non-functional exon) and seven introns. The exons are indicated by red boxes and introns by blue lines. Empty boxes denote the 3’UTR region. The full duplicated region is 10,4 kb long. The region begins from the end of Exon I to the end of intron 3, and is next duplicated until part of intron 3’. The first region (light pink box) comprises end of Exon I–Intron 1 –Exon II- Intron 2—Exon III–Intron 3. The duplicated region comprises Exon I’Δ–Intron I’–Exon 2’- Intron II’—Exon III’–part of Intron 3’.