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Schematic presentation of different temperature sensitivity patterns.

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posted on 2019-10-10, 17:33 authored by Ari Laurén, Mari Lappalainen, Antti-Jussi Kieloaho, Kristiina Karhu, Marjo Palviainen

In panel a) the solid red line refers to the positive upwards pattern (kref > 0 and Q10 > 1; Eq 3), the dashed red line refers to the positive downwards pattern (kref > 0 and 0 < Q10 < 1), the solid blue line is the negative downwards pattern (kref < 0, Q10 > 1), and the dashed blue line is the negative upwards pattern (kref < 0, 0 < Q10 < 1). The mixed temperature response (panel b, dashed light blue line) occurs for change rates typical for intermediate decomposition products (panel c) when the temperature sensitivity of the incoming and outgoing fluxes are different (panels b and c).