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Sampling area.

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posted on 13.09.2018, 17:45 by Jan Vondrák, Jiří Malíček, Zdeněk Palice, František Bouda, Franz Berger, Neil Sanderson, Andy Acton, Václav Pouska, Roman Kish

Protected area of old-growth beech forest “Uholka–Shyrokyi Luh” surveyed by Dymytrova et al. [33] by a systematic sampling on circular plots of 500 m2 (black dots). The area is divided into a southern part, Uholka, and the northern one, Shyrokyi Luh. We surveyed only a part of Uholka, the valley of the brook Velyka Uholka (area in grey) where we selected four plots (black squares) in hot-spots of lichen diversity. Forest habitat diversity is distinctly greater at lower altitude, in the area with limestone bedrock (below the dotted line).