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Sagittal sections from vehicle- or CNI-1493–treated mice were stained for Aβ using the mouse anti–human Aβ monoclonal antibody 6F/3D after 2 mo of treatment

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posted on 2011-12-31, 19:25 authored by Michael Bacher, Richard Dodel, Bayan Aljabari, Kathy Keyvani, Philippe Marambaud, Rakez Kayed, Charles Glabe, Nicole Goertz, Anne Hoppmann, Norbert Sachser, Jens Klotsche, Susanne Schnell, Lars Lewejohann, Yousef Al-Abed
Bar, 500 μm.

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Taken from "CNI-1493 inhibits Aβ production, plaque formation, and cognitive deterioration in an animal model of Alzheimer's disease"

The Journal of Experimental Medicine 2008;205(7):1593-1599.

Published online 7 Jul 2008



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