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SVV distribution in tissues without evidence of histological lesions.

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posted on 2017-04-10, 17:28 authored by Talita P. Resende, Douglas G. Marthaler, Fabio A. Vannucci

Swine, ISH-RNA. a) Piglet, spleen (central arteriole). Strong SVV positive staining diffusely distributed throughout the splenic parenchyma. ISH-RNA, 20x.; b) Piglet, spleen. Negative control. ISH-RNA, 20x; c) Piglet, small intestine. SVV mRNA was multifocally distributed within enterocytes (black arrows) and lamina propria. ISH-RNA, 20x; d) Piglet, lung, SVV positive signals were found in alveolar septum. ISH-RNA, 20x.