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STS inhibits formation of new calcific deposits and cartilage degradation in experimental OA.

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posted on 08.07.2016, 16:38 by Sonia Nasi, Hang-Korng Ea, Frédéric Lioté, Alexander So, Nathalie Busso

(a) Representative micro-CT scan images of menisectomized murine knee joints after vehicle (PBS) or STS treatment for two months after surgery. White arrows show periarticular deposits in menisectomized knees treated with vehicle and their reduction in STS treated mice. Graphs show CTAnalyzer quantitative analysis of new formation volume (mm3) and new formation crystal content (μg) in PBS- and STS-treated menisectomized mice. Data are expressed as the mean±SD (b) Representative histologies of PBS- and STS-treated menisectomized knees, stained with Safranin-O. Red arrows show degenerative OA changes in the articular cartilage of PBS-treated mice. Scale bars 150 μm. Graphs show tibial and femoral scoring of cartilage damage and Safranin-O loss, accordingly to OARSI method. Values represent means±SD. (c) Correlation graph between tibial cartilage damage score and new formation volume of pooled PBS- and STS-treated mice. (Mice number: PBS n = 20, STS n = 19).