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SLiM compositions and phylogenetic analysis of orf1ab-encoding proteins and capsid proteins of coronaviruses.

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posted on 03.02.2021, 18:59 by Chu-Wen Yang, Zhi-Ling Shi

(A) A total of 1,365 SLiMs were identified in 15 viral proteins encoded by orf1ab (nsp1-nsp10 and nsp12-nsp16). (B) A total of 114 SLiMs were identified in capsid proteins. Complete lists of SLiMs in (A) and (B) are shown in S2 Table. (C) Phylogenetic tree of representative orf1ab-encoding proteins. (D) Phylogenetic tree of representative capsid proteins. The number of tree branches that occurred in 1,000 bootstrap replicates are indicated at the branch point.