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SIVmac316 neutralization titers at week 20 post rRRV-SIVcmv-nfl inoculation in rhesus monkeys.

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posted on 2018-06-18, 17:54 authored by Young C. Shin, Georg F. Bischof, William A. Lauer, Lucas Gonzalez-Nieto, Eva G. Rakasz, Gregory M. Hendricks, David I. Watkins, Mauricio A. Martins, Ronald C. Desrosiers

Sera from the rRRV-SIVcmv-nfl-inoculated monkeys taken at week 20 post inoculation were serially diluted and subjected to neutralization assays against SIVmac316 utilizing TZM-bl cells. A pool of sera from SIVmac239-infected monkeys served as a positive control and pooled sera from specific pathogen free (SPF) monkeys as a negative control. The dashed line indicates 50% relative light units representing 50% neutralization activity.