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SFN blocks infection after entry and but before 2-LTR circle formation.

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posted on 19.04.2016, 22:26 by Andrea Kinga Marias Furuya, Hamayun J. Sharifi, Robert M. Jellinger, Paul Cristofano, Binshan Shi, Carlos M. C. de Noronha

Replicate cultures of hMDMs were pretreated with vehicle (DMSO)-containing media, with 5 μM AZT or with 10 μM SFN. Twenty four hours after treatment, the samples were infected with VSV-G-pseudotyped HIV-1 encoding GFP in place of nef. Cultures treated with heat-inactivated virus served as controls for plasmid carry over and for impaired viral entry. Cells were harvested and DNA was isolated 24 hours after infection. Viral DNA products were detected by real-time PCR using primer sets specific for the indicated stage of reverse transcription. (A), Relative quantities of late reverse transcription products, (B), 2-LTR circles, and (C), integrated proviruses. The bar graph represents the data for replicate experiments (n = 3).