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SEM of teeth from an experimentally infected smolt.

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posted on 01.11.2018, 18:07 by Kathleen Frisch, Sverre Bang Småge, Renate Johansen, Henrik Duesund, Øyvind Jakobsen Brevik, Are Nylund

Micrographs of teeth and the surrounding tissue from the mouth of a diseased smolt bath infected with TmarCan15-1 in the cohabitation experiment. (A) Teeth and surrounding gingiva are covered by mats of bacteria with T. maritimum morphology (arrowheads) and the associated tissue is damaged. (B) Zoomed in view of a tooth showing bacterial growth on the surface of the tooth (arrow "a") as well as the surrounding gingival tissue (arrow "b"). (C) The dentin-enameloid interface with associated tissue destruction. White box indicates area in D. (D) Cellular debris within the bacterial mats.