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SDS-PAGE analysis of lead chimeric huIgE and chimeric huIgG1 anti-BLG antibody clones 5D6.1, 7D5.1, 8C3.3, 8F7.1, 11B6.2, and 13A5.2.

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posted on 2014-08-25, 18:19 authored by Karen Knipping, Peter J. Simons, Laura S. Buelens-Sleumer, Linda Cox, Marcel den Hartog, Niels de Jong, Reiko Teshima, Johan Garssen, Louis Boon, Léon M. J. Knippels

Chimeric huIgE (A) and huIgG1 (B) anti-BLG antibody clones 8F7.1 (lane 1), 5D6.1 (lane 2), 11B6.2 (lane 3), 13A5.2 (lane 4), 7D5.1 (lane 5), and 8C3.3 (lane 6) were loaded onto a 4–12% BisTris gel, and, after electrophoretic separation, proteins were visualized with Coomassie Brilliant Blue. Molecular masses of intact chimeric human IgE and human IgG1 anti-BLG antibodies (non-reduced conditions), and their corresponding heavy and light chains (reduced conditions), are indicated with arrowheads.