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SDS-PAGE analysis of the HPG/μPG-nSK/PEG-SK complexes.

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posted on 2016-05-18, 08:58 authored by Pooja Sawhney, Keya Katare, Girish Sahni

Native SK/PEG-SK was incubated with HPG/μPG to form 1:1 complex at 5 μM concentration. After 3 and 10 min, each of these complexes were subjected to SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions. (A) Gel demonstrates the fragmentation of nSK after complex formation with μPG while no effect was noticed with PEG-SK derivatives. Lane 1: nSK-μPG complex (3 min); lane 2: nSK-μPG complex (10 min); lane 3: Streptokinase alone; lane 4: SK1-383N-PEG20-μPG (10 min). (B) SDS-PAGE indicates the blockage of pathway I when in complex with HPG. Lane 1: nSK-HPG complex (3 min); lane 2: nSK-HPG complex (10 min); lane 3: Streptokinase alone; lane 4: Molecular weight marker; lane 5: SK1-383N-PEG20-HPG (10 min).