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posted on 20.05.2022, 17:37 authored by Achala Apte, Maria Manich, Elisabeth Labruyère, Sunando Datta

(A) Relative pixel intensities are plotted as SuperPlots for LPA pre-treated GFP-EhRho5 trophozoites upon wortmannin or DMSO treatment. N = 3, n>140, mean ± SEM, unpaired Student’s t-test, **p<0.01, *p<0.05) (B) Panel shows additional immunoblot (ref. to Fig 4C). (C) Serum starved LPA pre-treated HA-EhRho5 trophozoites were studied for their dextran uptake for indicated conditions. Trophozoites were treated with TR-Dextran along with wortmannin and DMSO, individually. Cells were fixed with 4% PFA and immunostained with anti-HA antibody, followed by image acquisition in a confocal microscope. CTCF was determined for each condition as described in Materials and Methods. Values represent means ± SEM, N = 4, n>60, ratio-paired Student’s t-test *p<0.05). (D) Representation of fluorescence recovery time τ2 for indicated conditions.