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posted on 2020-05-14, 17:31 authored by Fabrício dos Santos Menezes, Maria do Rosário Dias de Oliveira Latorre, Gleice Margarete de Souza Conceição, Maria Paula Curado, José Leopoldo Ferreira Antunes, Tatiana Natasha Toporcov

[A]: Incidence trends for OCC/OPC according to HPV groups; [B]: incidence trends for OCC/OPC by sex and HPV groups; [C]: incidence trends for HPV-related OCC/OPC by age groups; and [D]: incidence trends for HPV-unrelated OCC/OPC by age groups.a,b APC: annual percent change; *: statistically significant APC (95% CI). a For better graph visualization, we applied a simple moving average of 5 years. b We analyzed these data with joinpoint regression models.