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Role of GEF-H1 in sweetener-induced Rho activation.

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posted on 2017-05-04, 18:00 authored by Yosuke Masubuchi, Yuko Nakagawa, Johan Medina, Masahiro Nagasawa, Itaru Kojima, Mark M. Rasenick, Takeshi Inagaki, Hiroshi Shibata

3T3-L1 cells were transfected with non-targeting (siCont) or GEF-H1-targeting (siGEF-H1) siRNA (5 nmole, each) and cultured for 24 hours before stimulation with sucralose (Suc) for 2 hours. RhoA activity was measured by pull-down assay as described in Fig 4. Immunoblot data illustrate the amount of pull-downed GTP-bound RhoA and the amount of total RhoA, GEF-H1 and β-tubulin in the cell lysates.