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Rhesus rotavirus stimulates 5-HT release from EC tumor cells in a dose-dependent manner.

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posted on 14.07.2011, 01:58 by Marie Hagbom, Claudia Istrate, David Engblom, Thommie Karlsson, Jesus Rodriguez-Diaz, Javier Buesa, John A. Taylor, Vesa-Matti Loitto, Karl-Eric Magnusson, Håkan Ahlman, Ove Lundgren, Lennart Svensson

(A) Primary EC t.c. (n = 6) were infected with different concentrations of purified RRV and 5-HT secretion was measured in the cell culture supernatant at different time points by HPLC. (B) GOT1 and (C) primary EC t.c. were stimulated with RRV cell lysates (n = 3) (MOI = 1) and ultracentrifuged RRV cell lysates (n = 3) for 60 min and the 5-HT concentration was determined by ELISA. The asterisk (*) denotes statistical significance (P = 0.05; Mann Whitney test).