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Rfx2 Stabilizes Foxj1 Binding at Chromatin Loops to Enable Multiciliated Cell Gene Expression - Fig 1

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posted on 2017-01-19, 17:39 authored by Ian K. Quigley, Chris Kintner

Identification of a MCC transcriptome(A) Confocal image of X. laevis skin showing a multiciliated cell (MCC), ionocytes (IC), and outer cells (green cells, unlabeled). (B) Differentiation of X. laevis skin. Multipotent progenitors are specified to become MCCs or ionocytes in the inner layer (red cells) by Notch signaling; they then intercalate into the layer of outer cells (green cells). (C) Diagrams illustrating how the numbers of MCCs and ICs in the skin change when Notch, Multicilin and/or Foxi1 activity is manipulated. (D) Schematic of the general experimental strategy used to analyze X. laevis epidermal progenitors (“cap”), after manipulating gene expression using RNA injection. (E) Venn diagram using multiple RNAseq experiments to define a core list of genes expressed in MCCs based on an intersectional strategy. (F) Heatmap of transcriptional variation across all experimental conditions and timepoints subjected to RNAseq analysis (see Methods for more details). For clarity of display, sample names are omitted here but can be seen in S1 Fig.