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Response to various agonists of bTRPV3.

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posted on 2018-03-01, 18:56 authored by Katharina T. Schrapers, Gerhard Sponder, Franziska Liebe, Hendrik Liebe, Friederike Stumpff

Cells were filled with a CsCl pipette solution and stimulated with the continuous pulse protocol I. a) Original recording of a cell expressing bTRPV3, showing the response to application of menthol, thymol (both 1 mmol∙l−1), and 2-APB (0.3 mmol∙l−1) in NaCl bath solution. In response to 2-APB, the current rose dramatically, requiring an interruption of the measurement to readjust the gain (arrow). b) Original recording of a control cell transfected with the empty vector.