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Response of admixture, reconstituted receptors in Xenopus oocytes.

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posted on 14.07.2016, 11:49 by Thomas B. Duguet, Claude L. Charvet, Sean G. Forrester, Claudia M. Wever, Joseph A. Dent, Cedric Neveu, Robin N. Beech

Two electrode voltage clamp experiments were performed on oocytes injected with Cel-unc-63, Cel-unc-38, Cel-lev-8, Cel-lev-1 cRNAs and co-expressed with H. contortus accessory proteins, ric-3, unc-50 and unc-74. The addition of cRNAs encoding Cel-unc-29, unc-29.1, unc-29.2, unc-29.3 or unc-29.4 were tested independently. LEV response values were normalized to those elicited after perfusion of 100 μM ACh. Error bars indicate SD.