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Rescue of LEV sensitivity in transgenic C. elegans.

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posted on 14.07.2016, 11:49 by Thomas B. Duguet, Claude L. Charvet, Sean G. Forrester, Claudia M. Wever, Joseph A. Dent, Cedric Neveu, Robin N. Beech

Hco-unc-29 gene copies were transfected into C. elegans unc-29 (e1072) mutant strain (CB1072). The number of moving animals under exposure to 200 μM LEV every 15 min are shown on the Y axes. N2 Bristol wild-type (black circles) and CB1072 unc-29 (e1072) (black squares) controls are shown for comparison. Two independent transfected worm lines (white circles and triangles) were examined for each experiment. This assay was repeated three times on 12 animals per worm line. A) Transfection of Cel-unc-29. B-E) Transfection of unc-29.1, unc-29.2, unc-29.3 and unc-29.4 respectively. Data are plotted as mean ± SD. A Two-way ANOVA with Bonferroni’s multiple comparison post test was performed. In every case, both transfected lines were significantly more LEV sensitive than the CB1072 unc-29 (e1072) mutants (p < 0.001).