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Rescaled distribution of the citation (share) numbers.

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posted on 2017-07-05, 17:40 authored by Zoltán Néda, Levente Varga, Tamás S. Biró

f(x) is the probability density (PDF) for one paper (post) to have x citations/shares. We present the 〈x〉 ⋅ f(x) value as a function of x/〈x〉 (〈x〉 the mean value, or first moment of the PDF). For high citation number a clear power-law trend is visible. Different symbols are for different datasets as illustrated in the legend. The considered datasets are described in the Methods section. For high x/〈x〉 a clear power-law trend is visible. The entire curve can be well-fitted with a TP distribution Eq (1) with g ≈ 1.4 and 〈x〉 = 1.