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Representative examples of CA1 pyramidal cell firing.

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posted on 2016-10-20, 17:35 authored by Jangjin Kim, Mary E. Goldsberry, Thomas C. Harmon, John H. Freeman

Examples of CA1 single pyramidal cell firing during eyeblink conditioning in rat pups given eyeblink conditioning on postnatal days (P) 17–19, P21-23, or P24-26. Rastergrams and perievent time histograms (PETH; bin size = 10 ms) of single neurons recorded during the unpaired (UP) session and following paired sessions (S1, S2-3, and S4-5). The neurons in the P17-19 group tended to fire randomly across the CS and US presentations until S2-3. In contrast, neurons in the older age groups showed increased firing rates during the post-US period as early as S1 and showed increased firing rates in the CS and post-US period as early as S2-3. Arrows note the start of significantly increased activity during the CS.