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Representative electropherograms of gonad total RNA of different fish species.

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posted on 26.02.2016, 08:15 authored by Iratxe Rojo-Bartolomé, Oihane Diaz de Cerio, Guzman Diez, Ibon Cancio

Electropherograms of gonad total RNA from previously histologically sexed male (bottom) and female (top) Atlantic chub mackerel, European hake, horse mackerel, Atlantic mackerel, European pilchard and European anchovy. Electropherograms and histological micrographs (in all cases scale bars = 200 μm) are representative of all the individuals sampled and analysed per species. Oocytes in ovaries of chub mackerel, hake, and horse mackerels were at previtellogenic stage, in advanced vitellogenesis in Atlantic mackerel and hydrated in the case of pilchard and anchovy. Notice that 5S rRNA in ovaries was relatively the most prominent in the species where ovary only displayed previtellogenic oocytes. Arrows indicate the 5S rRNA peak. * = 18S rRNA peak, # = 28S rRNA peak.