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Representative BOLD activation pattern during the illusory face detection task for two subjects (contrast: “face > no face”).

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posted on 2019-01-14, 18:32 authored by Kristin M. Zimmermann, Ann-Sophie Stratil, Ina Thome, Jens Sommer, Andreas Jansen

Subject S5 (top) shows significant BOLD activity in the core-system of face perception, as assessed either by a whole brain analysis (left; p = 0.001, uncorrected) or a ROI analysis (right; p = 0.05, corrected (FWE) for multiple comparisons). In contrast, subject S2 (bottom) does not show BOLD activity in the ROIs of the core-system of face perception, not even at the liberal threshold of p = 0.05, uncorrected. Left: whole brain analysis, right: ROI analysis.