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Relative gene expression of BMP15, DNMT1, GDF9, FSHR, PTX3 and TNFAIP6 in juvenile-goat COCs after biphasic IVM (6 h pre-IVM with CNP and E2, followed by 24 h IVM), control IVM (24 h), and oocyte recovery (control 0 h).

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posted on 2019-08-23, 17:28 authored by Sandra Soto-Heras, Irene Menéndez-Blanco, Maria-Gracia Catalá, Dolors Izquierdo, Jeremy G. Thompson, Maria-Teresa Paramio

Five samples were tested per group (10 COCs per sample). Each bar represents relative quantification (RQ), and error bars show RQ max and RQ min. Superscript symbols indicate statistical differences relative to control 0 h: (*) P<0.05; (**) P<0.001; (***) P<0.0001. Different superscript letters (a—b) indicate statistical differences between treatment groups (P<0.05).