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Relative expression using validated reference genes for normalization under different experimental conditions.

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posted on 26.04.2016, 06:50 by Jiaodi Bu, Jin Zhao, Mengjun Liu

(A) and (B): Relative expression of GPP and GGP in five fruit ripening stages, normalized by ACT1, His3, GAPDH, or TUA; Y: young fruit, PW: pre-white ripening stage, W: white ripening stage, HR: half-red ripening stage, WR: whole-red ripening stage. (C) and (D): Relative expression of Rubisco and RCA1 under phytoplasma infection, normalized by ACT1, PAIP, EF1α, or His3. HL: healthy leaves, ANL: apparent normal leaves, P: phyllody leaves, WBL: witches’ broom leaves.