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Relative expression of the pistil marker gene TAGL11 and B-class gene TAP3 in wild-type and AtGRXS17-overexpressing lines under continuous mild heat (CMH32) conditions.

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posted on 2016-12-09, 19:31 authored by Florian Müller, Jiemeng Xu, Lieke Kristensen, Mieke Wolters-Arts, Peter F. M. de Groot, Stuart Y. Jansma, Celestina Mariani, Sunghun Park, Ivo Rieu

A, B, Relative expression of TAGL11 (A) and TAP3 (B) in young anthers of 2–3 mm in wild type (WT) and AtGRXS17-overexpressing lines grown under CMH32. Values represent the mean ± SE, with the mean expression in the wild type set to 1. *, significantly different from the wild type, P<0.05; ***, P<0.001.